app roundup march 2016 – iphone edition

image1When it comes to apps on my computers and devices, I tend to be selective and minimalist. I am always in the hunt for better options, but very seldom find a good reason to change. Having said that, the following are the apps currently installed on my iphone (sorted from most to least used):

  • Evernote: an essential app for capturing and organizing all information I come across on a daily basis, which I later catalog, manage and purge from a computer.
  • Overcast: best podcast application in my opinion. Playing list is very easy to manage and comes with advanced features like SmartSpeed (where the app reduces the pauses between phrases/words to save play time in a way that one can not notice) that can not be found in other players.
  • Microsoft Outlook: I use this for all my non-corporate email and calendars. I like how easy is to archive/delete email, switch accounts and folders, and that the app does a pretty good job cleaning up after itself, never taking too much space as others (like Facebook).
  • Various bank applications
  • Yoga Studio: best yoga app I have found, comes with many preconfigured sessions and one can create its own, which would be played back in a video as if designed by the developer
  • YouTube: needs no explanation
  • MapMyRun: I use this to plan routes and track all my workouts. Watch app is easy to interface with and gives me all the information I need
  • iCountTimer: perfect for interval training, I use it to manage my run/walk cycles in ultra running. Compatible with apple Watch, it even includes complications.
  • Starbucks: for payment and online ordering. Compatible with Watch, I can now pay from my wrist.
  • Whatsapp: for voice calls with those not on an iOS device.
  • IBM Chat: for corporate instant messaging. Perfect when away from the computer
  • Concur: for corporate travel and expense reports. Has saved me from needing a full time assistant
  • Remote: to control the appleTV
  • Battery Doctor: great app for cleaning up orphan data on the phone, it also advises the right charging cycles to maximize battery life. A must have.
  • shomi: for media consumption. Netflix is better and more current, but this service comes included with my internet contract.
  • T-Zero: multiple countdown. I have all upcoming races and trips recorded. Has not kept up with iOS updates, so it has become somewhat unstable.
  • PayByPhone: to pay for parking and have it charged to my credit card. Watch app lets me know how much time I have remaining.
  • Chromecast: to manage the chromecasts and stream to the TV where no appleTV is installed.
  • AirPort Utility: to manage my Airport Extreme and Time Capsules

I have a few additional applications installed that are not listed, mostly to enable connectivity to corporate networks. I doubt those would be of any use to anyone that doesn’t have to connect to the same infrastructure I interface with.

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