what are smart creatives? Book review: How Google works

 – Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg –  How Google works is an inside view of Google’s key practices on talent (from interview to retention), collaboration and decision making. In general, a good read with quotable anecdotes used to illustrate the key points. For me, most of the content was not groundbreaking or eye-opening. However, the […]

book review: relentless forward progress

 a guide to running ultramarathons  – Byron Powell – An absolute bargain, this book is and a no brainer for anyone preparing for a long race (even a marathon). Not only a lot of critical information is covered, but is presented in a simple, pragmatic, crisp way that is easy to read and reference. Byron […]

book review: a factory of one

applying lean principles to banish waste and improve your personal performance – Daniel Markovitz – A short book that can be consumed in one sitting, “a factory of one” is a pragmatic presentation of key principles of lean philosophy to our everyday life. Chapters are all equally structured, offering a “next steps” section with simple […]

setting up and maintaining a reading list

Books are the main channel by which I learn and receive information. As a result, my preference is heavily biased towards non-fiction. I get my leads mainly from podcasts. They offer rich information on what the book is about and why it could matter to me. This makes my evaluation process much simpler. My main sources are: The Tim Ferris Show. Every show offers many […]