7 interesting things I found on the internet this week (03.28 to 04.03)

Derek Sivers‘ webpage. I find Derek’s personality and approach to business and life completely aligned to mine. nownownow.com. Derek also started a movement where one’s current focus is publicly stated. Others have taken it further declaring that anything outside of this will not receive attention. Nownownow.com shows a list of bloggers that have implemented this. A good way […]

my top 10 podcasts

Podcasts have become a key channel in my information intake process. They are a perfect way to consume information while working out, driving, and even when trying to fall sleep. I keep two lists, one of podcasts that I subscribe to (and for the most part listen to every episode), and another with podcasts I […]

app roundup march 2016 – iphone edition

When it comes to apps on my computers and devices, I tend to be selective and minimalist. I am always in the hunt for better options, but very seldom find a good reason to change. Having said that, the following are the apps currently installed on my iphone (sorted from most to least used): Evernote: an essential app for […]