7 interesting things I found on the internet this week (03.28 to 04.03)

Derek Sivers‘ webpage. I find Derek’s personality and approach to business and life completely aligned to mine. nownownow.com. Derek also started a movement where one’s current focus is publicly stated. Others have taken it further declaring that anything outside of this will not receive attention. Nownownow.com shows a list of bloggers that have implemented this. A good way […]

what did I learn from 1 month of blogging? monthly summary – march 2016

The first month of this blog is over, and this is what I learned: posting something relevant on a daily basis is harder than I expected writing a 100 word post is more difficult than writing a 500 word post tagging and categorizing should not be taken lightly there is a lot of opportunity to streamline my creative process […]

weekly summary 03.21 to 03.27

blogging: starting to develop a SEO strategy and streamline the management of the blog. Also published 3 new entries besides last week’s summary: what are smart creatives? Book review: How Google works, by Eric Schmidt. A decent read that became a good personal investment thanks to the concept of smart creatives. my tech setup. Creating focus by giving specific […]

weekly summary 03.14 to 03.20

blogging: continue to explore the content creation process and stick to a schedule, which has proven difficult given my current schedule. Starting to collect information and learn SEO. Also published 4 new entries besides last week’s summary: what is the difference between AlphaGo and the first time a grandmaster was defeated at chess by a computer?, which is […]

weekly summary – 03.07 to 03.13

blogging: decided to change the format of my posts to offer the reader understanding of the content within the first few lines, and make it easier to decide if it will be of interest. I may go back and reformat previous ones. Also published 4 new entries besides last week’s summary: app roundup march 2016 – iphone edition, where […]

weekly summary – 02.29 to 03.06

This is the first ever weekly review , where I summarize anything of note from the previous week: launched this blog (!) and posted its first 4 entries: training plan for my first ultramarathon presenting: the incompletable list setting up and maintaining a reading list book review: a factory of one running mileage was a measly 23.7 miles, 17.7 […]