my tech setup. Creating focus by giving specific purpose to devices

By segregating my devices’ duties I am able to focus on the task at hand, and use the best tools for the right job. As a tech enthusiast, I have always tended to have more devices than I need. However, as I become more deliberate on what I engage in order to narrow and increase […]

planning and metrics vs presence

I was once running through Rome, looking forward to see Saint Peter’s square for the first time. I had drafted my route carefully the night before, woke up early to avoid crowds, and made sure I had the gadgets perfectly configured to guide me. Being my first time in the city, I had my eyes glued to the […]

what is the difference between AlphaGo’s success at Go and computer’s dominance in chess?

Go is a game quadrillions of orders of magnitude more complex than chess, and AlphaGo mastered it using learning techniques closer to the way that human brains work instead of raw computational power  AlphaGo’s win over Lee Sedol, a world class Go player, is a major milestone in Computer Science. It would be easy to compare this to […]

running philosophy

Running must be one of the most productive activities a human can engage on. Not only is a great form of exercise, but one can listen or dictate a book, meditate, solve a problem, catch up with the news, consume a podcast, explore a city, talk with a friend…. or even better, do nothing at all but […]

computer and correspondence chess

Since very young, I always liked chess. I played vs friends and later computers, always in an informal and spontaneous way. I discovered correspondence chess in 2010, and it seemed like a great thing to get into. I felt it would not only give me a chance to play a game I liked, but would […]

training plan for my first 50-mile ultramarathon

The 2016 edition of the Sulphur Springs Trail Race will be held on May 28th, and it will also be my first attempt at an ultramarathon. While my only goal is to beat the cutoff time (~14 hours), I would also like to finish in good enough shape to drive myself home and go to work on Monday. […]