what did I learn from 1 month of blogging? monthly summary – march 2016

The first month of this blog is over, and this is what I learned:

  • posting something relevant on a daily basis is harder than I expected
  • writing a 100 word post is more difficult than writing a 500 word post
  • tagging and categorizing should not be taken lightly
  • there is a lot of opportunity to streamline my creative process
  • there is a process to build an audience that can not be ignored

Based on these observations, I have set my blogging goals for April 2016 as follows:

  • reduce the post count from 20 to 12 (3 a week), and establish a formal publishing schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) – to improve relevance and focus
  • reduce the diversity of post formats to 3 per week (1 weekly summary/journal, 1 short form, 1 long form) – to start building a system for my creative process
  • make 1 visual, 1 functional and 1 SEO improvement to the website – to build an audience
  • do at least one audio or video post (counts as long format) – to learn new skills
  • review and tweak past posts to increase their impact and make them evergreen (where possible) – to improve the quality of my offering


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