setting up and maintaining a reading list

Books are the main channel by which I learn and receive information. As a result, my preference is heavily biased towards non-fiction.

I get my leads mainly from podcasts. They offer rich information on what the book is about and why it could matter to me. This makes my evaluation process much simpler. My main sources are:

  1. The Tim Ferris Show. Every show offers many recommendations. One can go directly to the show notes to get the list.
  2. Read to lead. A weekly podcast discussing one book (usually with the author). At the end of the show, the guests offer recommendations.
  3. The Productivityist. A weekly podcast focused on productivity with good recommendations in almost every episode.
  4. Still untitled: The Adam Savage Project. They do not always discuss books, but every one they have recommended I have enjoyed. This is where my fiction reading list comes from.
  5. Smiths Notes. A short podcast summarizing the key ideas of one book. Publishing schedule is irregular.

Other sources include websites and blogs, but these two are the richest:

  1. Philosophers Notes. Brian Johnson publishes notes with extreme frequency. Whether a subscriber or not, just the description of the book is often enough to know if it should be considered.
  2. Ryan Holiday’s website and newsletter. The back catalog of recommendations alone is a great source.

My reading list is maintained here, and as part of my incompletable list, I will publish reviews and reflections on those books that offer valuable ideas.

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