the incompletable list

Much in the spirit of Joel Runyon’s impossible list, I recorded the top 10 things I want to accomplish in the near future.

As items are completed, a revised target will take its place (i.e. running 50 kms may turn into 50 miles and later into 100 kms). When my maximum desired level is reached, the item is removed and replaced with something new.

There can never be more than 10 items on the list. The only way to add something is by completing something else, or by deciding that a current item is no longer important. I will start with:

  1. run 50 kms
  2. run a mile in less than 8 minutes
  3. read and review (starting 03.01.2016) 10 books in 90 days
  4. cycle 100 kms in 4 hours
  5. write 20 blog posts in 03.2016
  6. learn enough portuguese to visit Brazil without translation support
  7. self publish a ~100 page kindle book
  8. give a TEDx talk
  9. climb one mountain
  10. visit Macau, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Prague, Singapore

The list will be maintained in its own page, with blog posts published after major achievements.

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