weekly summary – 02.29 to 03.06

This is the first ever weekly review , where I summarize anything of note from the previous week:

  1. launched this blog (!) and posted its first 4 entries:
  2. running mileage was a measly 23.7 miles, 17.7 of which were in a single long
  3. opened a Pinterest account (@antonsmy), to manage bookmarks from multiple computers/devices
  4. read “How Google Works” and “Smartcuts”… book reviews coming soon
  5. bought “the excellence habit”, “it all changed in an instant” and “the war of art”. The last two are at the top of my reading pile
  6. found some interesting links:
    1. Derek Sivers page is very interesting, but his book list is an outstanding resource for reading ideas
    2. Ryan Holiday’s notecard system is a thought provoking idea on why and how to record and cross-reference information we come across
    3. Kevin Simler’s blog at Melting Asphalt . He writes deep essays on a variety of topics with interesting style.

That’s it for the week that was. This week will be very busy with work and life, but comes with a bright promise of nice weather which should help my running.



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