weekly summary – 03.07 to 03.13

  1. blogging: decided to change the format of my posts to offer the reader understanding of the content within the first few lines, and make it easier to decide if it will be of interest. I may go back and reformat previous ones. Also published 4 new entries besides last week’s summary:
  2. running: another disappointing week. Mileage was an abysmal 18 miles, which puts me at a total deficit of 34.3 miles from my 90 day plan. This week I plan to run 58 miles, which should help me cut the deficit almost in half
  3. book purchases: “The Joy of Success: 10 essential skills for getting the success you want”, “Raise your line: success is about a higher line mentality” and “Antarctic Tears”
  4. reading: work dominated the week, only finished “It all changed in an instant: more 6 word memoirs by writers famous and obscure” by Larry Smith. Not a book that I can review given is a collection of phrases, but a good read nonetheless
  5. interesting internet findings:
    • bookshelfporn.com, an amazing site featuring a seemingly endless amount of books and library pictures
    • DeepMind’s YouTube channel and website, where I watched the live streams of the historical match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol. This is the first time a computer defeated a top world player at GO, a game most of us thought humans would dominate for at least another 5 years
    • CrashCourse’s YouTube channel. An educational channel with simple, easy to absorb videos on many topics perfect for my sugar-depleted brain when training on the treadmill
    • the AlphaGo match prompted me to refresh my Go-related software: Crazy Stone (engine), Kombilo (database) and Drago (database)
    • also discovered go4go.net and gogod.co.uk, both of which offer large databases of professional go games

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