weekly summary 03.14 to 03.20

  1. blogging: continue to explore the content creation process and stick to a schedule, which has proven difficult given my current schedule. Starting to collect information and learn SEO. Also published 4 new entries besides last week’s summary:
  2. book purchases: “Let’s get Visible” and “Let’s get Digital”, both on self-publishing and both by David Gaughran; and “Boys for Men” by Derrick Wolf
  3. reading: finished 2 reports from the McKinsey Global Institute: “Digital America” and “Digital Globalization”, both soon to be reviewed in this blog
  4. interesting internet findings:
    1. billionairre.tumblr.com, stunning pictures of the finer things in life
    2. a16z podcast, from Anderseen Horowitz. Interesting topics, well carried by knowledgable individuals. Currently going through the back catalogue and finding many valuable leads to new information

Another week heavily dominated by work, but also marking the end of this round of heavy activity, which I hope bode wells for a new week of learnings and this blog.

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